Adidas globalisation

Other countries retaliated and world trade shrank enormously; by the end of world trade had plummeted some 66 percent from the level. On June 16, when the Smoot-Hawley bill was signed into law the broad economy was just starting to slip into the Great Depression. Two years later unemployment had reached almost 24 percent in the U. Did the Smoot-Hawley tariff act cause the Great Depression?

Adidas globalisation

Modules The course comprises of four taught modules, plus a 15, word dissertation on a subject of your choice selected in consultation with your tutor. Social and Cultural Themes of Sport This module examines the development of sport and physical culture in Britain and continental Europe from the s.

This includes the emergence of amateurism and the on-going tension between the amateur ethos and the commercialisation of sport as well as the codification, modernisation and globalisation of sporting practices. Particular reference is made to the importance of social divisions, such as class, gender and race.

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Sport, Politics and Policy This module examines the relationship between sport and international politics, and looks at how government Adidas globalisation policies have impacted on sport and explores identity politics in sport.

The module is based around the history of mega-events such as the Olympic Games and also global sporting Adidas globalisation like the International Olympic Committee and FIFA.

In addition, sport in the Cold War is also examined. Research Methods The primary aim of this module is to prepare students for their dissertation. It comprises two mandatory essays a thematic review and a dissertation plan for which you will receive expert guidance, concerning historiography and methodology.

In addition, to help you specialise, you will choose one from the following: Sport, Writing and History The module considers written social and cultural aspects of the representation of sport in Britain and in an international context. The central aim is to promote appreciation of an historical approach to imaginative literature and non-fiction including autobiography, sports journalism and popular writing.

This will enable students better to identify and explain long-term changes in the representation of sport and recreation and its transmission to a wide range of readers and audiences.

Past and Present This module explores the history of the game, from its origins, and its development from both domestic and international perspectives. It is arranged both thematically and chronologically and includes: Using film, oral history and primary sources, the module examines the development of the sport through the perspectives of class, gender and national identity.

At each stage the history of the sport is related to the broader history of British society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current Overview The Sports History and Culture MA allows you to study at your own pace.

Adidas globalisation

Study materials for your coursework are accessed via Blackboard. For each module there is a weekly lecture plus on-line reading, in addition to the resources available via the DMU Library. There are module leaders for each module and they will provide input regarding your coursework. Module leaders will be available each week by email, phone or Skype.

Alongside set assignments, you are encouraged to suggest your own proposals in preparation for writing your dissertation. There are two types of assessments: The length of the essay — either 5, or 7, words — will depend on whether you choose to write a Critical Analysis Assignment for that particular module.

Critical Analysis Assignments are 2, words in length. Deadlines will be set for each assessment. Contact hours This is a distance learning programme. Full-time students are expected to commit 35 hours a week of study to this programme, which will include reading lectures and secondary sources; writing assessments critical analysis assignments or essays where appropriate for first three modules ; engaging with research methods and historiography; undertaking primary source research and writing of dissertation.

We offer a flexible programme of study for part-time students. The academic team also has a wide international network of academic partners.

A flagship historical series for BBC Radio 4 in the Olympic year ofSport and the British explores themes such as the origins of modern sport, the power of sport to unite a nation, the rise of women in sport and the global diffusion of sport.

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Eighty four years ago on this day President Hoover signed the now-infamous Smoot-Hawley tariff bill, which substantially raised U.S. tariffs on some products.

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