Business reports cartoons

Thus, human resources are an integral part of business management. Regularly assessing and reviewing performance is a part of effective personnel management.

Business reports cartoons

Through a wholly owned corporation called Wembly Realty, Trump struck a partnership with a subsidiary of Hyatt Hotels. That partnership, Regency Lexington, purchased the struggling Commodore Hotel for redevelopment into the Grand Hyatt New York, a deal Trump crowed about when he announced he was running for president.

The credit line was a favor to the Trump family, which had brought huge profits to the bank; according to regulatory records, the revolving loan was set up without even requiring a written agreement. All of this traced back to big losses in three real estate partnerships and interest he owed Chase.

All of these names and numbers can grow confusing for voters with little exposure to the business world. So to sum it all up, Trump is rich because he was born rich—and without his father repeatedly bailing him out, he would have likely filed for personal bankruptcy before he was Rolling Snake Eyes As his personal finances were falling apart, Trump got a big idea for how to make money: In earlyhe received a phone call from Alan Lapidus, an architect who was a friend of Fred Trump.

Lapidus gave Donald Trump a hot tip—there was a parcel of land available in Atlantic City that was zoned for use by a casino hotel. Gaming had been legalized in New Jersey inand casinos in Atlantic City were already reporting big business.

Still, Trump jumped on the casino idea and had a lawyer reach out to the owners to negotiate a lease deal. In Augustthe Trump Plaza Corporation was incorporated in New Jersey, and nine months later it applied for a casino license. Trump wanted to build a story, room hotel and casino, but the banks refused to finance his adventure.

He even delayed building a garage because his name was not being used prominently enough in the marketing. Trump and father Fred Trump at opening of Wollman Rink. The business plan was ludicrous: Trump had not only doubled down his bet on Atlantic City casinos but was now operating two businesses in direct competition with each other.

Still, he wanted more in Atlantic City—specifically, the Taj Mahal, the largest casino complex ever, which Resorts International was building.

This made the Casino Control Commission nervous because it could have meant that the financial security of Atlantic City would be riding on the back of one man. But Trump brushed those concerns aside at a February licensing hearing—after all, his argument went, he was Donald Trump.

He would contain costs, he said, because banks would be practically throwing money at him, and at prime rates. He would be on a solid financial foundation because the banks loved him so much, unlike lots of other companies and casinos that used below-investment-grade, high-interest junk bonds for their financing.

No financial institution gave him anything.Punch Cartoons about Business, Office Life, Professions, Working Relationships, Sales, Finance, Strategies, Management, Employment, Secreteries, Bosses, Banking.

business reports cartoons

See the best political cartoons lampooning politics, congress, gun rights and US leaders. READ MORE See the best political cartoons lampooning politics, congress, gun rights and US leaders.

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