Case analysis of kanpur confectinory

The agency envisioned a tiered retail launch kit that referenced a jewelry box to showcase the samples in a way that reflected the brand appeal for adult women. But as anyone who works with chocolate knows, aesthetics are just the beginning — product integrity from kitting through delivery had to be considered. The structural elements had to accommodate the product weight, secure the product during shipping, and present the product in perfect condition for effective sampling by retailers. Fulfillment had to control product temperature to prevent melting from pack-out to final delivery.

Case analysis of kanpur confectinory

It is described as a situation which needs an action to be taken and keeping this in view the situations are: Offer of A One Confectioneries Pvt. APL Medium term situation: Emerge as a strong competitor and reduce the cost of productionLong term situation: Become a leader in the market of glucose biscuits and extend the market segment to premier customers.

Mohan Kumar Gupta had very good business foresight and skills but his sons who handled the business were not so efficient as him.

Help of technicians was sought but improvement in production or other areas was not evident. Net profits of the company were declining even after increase in turnover.

Under utilization of prod. Re-structuring the production process and introduction of mechanized processiii. Increase productivity of current workforceiv. Conversion charge of Rs.

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No expenses on advertisement, attracting customers or brand building. Regular income Expertise in production Low Case analysis of kanpur confectinory 3 Disadvantages: If the company is successful in carrying out the orders regularly the company can be associated with APL for a long time and assure its existence in the business.

The Brand name will get eliminated from the market ii. Restructuring production process by introducing mechanical processes: The company will be able to utilize production capacity by increasing production and the cost of production will reduce. Less labor will be required for production Uniformity in quality No restriction of time to use machinery Production cost will reduce 3 Disadvantages: Capital will be required and at present company may not be able to afford capital expenditure.

Availability of skilled labor to operate machines High risk of investing in machinery 4 Future of business and Brand name: The business will be able to compete with other competitors and emerge as a leader.

The brand name will also prosper owing to the quality and market share.

Case analysis of kanpur confectinory

Increase the productivity of current workforce: The productivity of employees will improve significantly and cost of production will reduce as well as the production will increase.

Improved efficiency of employees Increase in production Reduction in production cost Healthy working environment Job satisfaction Low absenteeism High morale of employees Emerge as leader in market with the competitive advantage of satisfied workforce 3 Disadvantages: Employees may ask for higher wages Some employees may leave job if they have to become efficient and regular at work 4 Future of business and Brand name: The business will prosper by reaping benefits of motivated and efficient workforce and the brand name will compete with the leaders in terms of low cost of production and people will prefer MKG Brand for its quality and competitive prices.

Supply to canteens of institutions: The margins of profits will be low but if sales are made to only canteens of institutions the expenses on advertisement and others to increase sales will reduce and so the profits will increase. Increase in sales to canteens of institutions.

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Reduction in promotion expenses. Production in accordance to requirements.

In the case of Commissioner of Wealth-tax, Kanpur v. Chander Sen [v], the Supreme Court held that the heirs in Class I do not include the grandson being the son of a son living. Hence it is held that when the son as a Class I heir inherits the property, he does so in his individual capacity. Case Analysis of Kanpur Confectinory Essay Written Analysis and Communication Individual Assignment No 4 Case Analysis Report on. Nirdosh case study is truly about a unique product in the tobacco industry segment pertaining to biris and cigarette smokers. A product th Marketing Case Studies No 1: Kanpur Confectioneries Private Limited (KCPL).

Potential to compete on quality and cost basis as the competitors have not entered this market segment. In order to compete on cost basis the quality may be ignored Canteens are not bothered about quality and only consider cost as important 4 Future of business and Brand name: The business will be able to earn profits and continue the business The brand name will not be so much important as the canteens give importance to cost not name.

Also in the market the customers will be diverted towards other brands as KCPL will be selling only to canteens. Increase the productivity of employeesAnd the offer of APL is not accepted as the company will not be able to reach to break even sales at a very low conversion rate or Rs.

The other two alternatives are not so attractive and reasonable keeping the financial position and future of business in mind.

If the workforce does not respond favorably to the new changes then KCPL may think to start supply to canteens of institutions Recommended.Case Analysis of Kanpur Confectinory Essay Written Analysis and Communication Individual Assignment No 4 Case Analysis Report on.

Case analysis of kanpur confectinory

Facts of the case Kanpur confectioneries Private Limited (KCPL) was started by Mohan Kumar Gupta in to sell candies under the brand ‘MKG’. However, in the heavy competitive environment he could not compete on costs and in , he set up a candy-making unit at Kanpur, the first in UP.

Step 4-SWOT Analysis of Kanpur Confectioneries Private Limited case SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat. It is the model which can be used to evaluate the internal and external environment of the company.

The case is about the Kanpur Confectionaries Private Limited (KCPL) a family business located in Kanpur, UP and started by Mohan Kumar Gupta in , now the company is looked after three of his son. A recent analysis of the Million Death Study estimated suicides in , of whom 72 were women [30].

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The third is that immolation is a . IIT KANPUR • IIT-Kanpur is located on the Grand Trunk Road, 15 km west of Kanpur City and measures close to hectares. This land was gifted by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in and by March the Institute had moved to its current location.

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