Corona case

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Corona case

Rutaquio presented the certificate of title of condominium units at the Bellagio worth Under cross-examination, Rutaquio said that he was not present when the certificate of title and deed of sale were processed, although these would've gone through him as he passed through the registration of sales.

Escudero said that he was confused since each article must correspond to a singular act, and asked that both prosecution and defense submit a legal memorandum on the matter. The prosecution then presented Quezon City acting register of deeds Carlo Alcantara.

Defense counsel Serafin Cuevas told the court that he would cross-examine Alcantara on the next Corona case day as he would study Alcantara's submitted documents. The prosecution then presented Marikina Register of Deeds Sedfrey Garcia but he was Corona case to return on the next trial day.

Corona case

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiagowho has been absent at the trial up to this point, asked both the prosecution and the defense how many witness will they present for the entire trial. When Tupas could not give an answer, Santiago scolded the prosecution, saying that they should "not waste the time of this court.

Enrile was so offended he offered to resign "if somebody cannot accept his rulings. Enrile then approved Santiago's motion asking both the prosecution and defense the exact number of witnesses they will present.

Santiago also said that the court should be more liberal in accepting evidence, after what had happened in the impeachment trial of Joseph Estrada where they prevented the opening of the second envelope.

The court also allowed the subpoena of the income tax returns of the Corona couple. The prosecution presented BIR Commissioner Kim Henares as their witness although Enrile asked how her testimony will be relevant to the case.

In the end, she was allowed to testify although any statement on Corona's ill-gotten wealth will be disallowed. Santiago scolded both the prosecution and defense for long debates.

The prosecution presented an "alpha list", a document submitted by a company listing its employees, salary, and tax withheld. Enrile allowed the presentation of the Supreme Court's alpha list. Henares stated that the Supreme Court had not kept an alpha list from to and gave a testimony on Corona's income and taxes based on the court alpha list from and as well as on Corona not having an income tax return.

Henares was allowed to present Cristina Corona's income tax return. She testified that Mrs. Corona was a one-time taxpayer for a property transaction on September 9, Corona purchased the property worth 11 million pesos although she had no recorded income that year.

Corona was in other alpha lists. The defense objected but Enrile allowed Henares to answer. The prosecution presented documents from alleged Corona properties in Taguig, Makati, and Quezon City.

Arthur Lim replied that they are accusing Corona of violating paragraphs ceand f of Section 3 of the law. This comes as the income tax returns of the Coronas were brandished on television and on the internet.

Senator Escudero asked the court to only cover Corona's acts as chief justice since documents are dated even prior to him becoming one.

Enrile replied that the Senate will decide on this on a caucus. Carla Corona-Castillo, was able to buy an 18 million-peso property from her mother Cristina despite only having a monthly taxable income of 8, pesos. Charina, bought the property from Megaworld Corporation.

Henares added that Charina never filed an income tax return, and was a one-time taxpayer, for the McKinley Hill transaction.

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On the cross-examination, Cuevas asked Henares if the Secretary of Finance told her "durugin mo na si Corona crush Corona, if possible. Pangilinan questioned if the BIR overlooked other income sources from the Coronas. She replied that the BIR exhausted all efforts, including alpha lists.

Cayetano asked if there were any discrepancies with Corona's returns from his SALN; Henares answered that Corona failed to fill up the acquisition cost column, and that Corona included some properties on the next year's SALN instead of the year it was purchased.

Henares also said that Corona only had one source of income. Enrile said "they may discuss the procedure but not the content.

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