Cosmic redshift

These photons are manifest as either emission or absorption lines in the spectrum of an astronomical object, and by measuring the position of these spectral lineswe can determine which elements are present in the object itself or along the line of sight.

Cosmic redshift

Many current FAQs deal with questions about biological and geological origins here on Earth. This page will take a broader view, focusing on the the universe itself. Before beginning the examination of the evidence surrounding current cosmology, it is important to understand what Big Bang Theory BBT is and is not.

Contrary to the common perception, BBT is not a theory about the origin of the universe. Rather, it describes the development of the universe over time. This process is often called "cosmic evolution" or "cosmological evolution"; while the terms are used by those both inside and outside the astronomical community, it is important to bear in mind that BBT is completely independent of biological evolution.

Over the last several decades the basic picture of cosmology given by BBT has been generally accepted by astronomers, physicists and the wider scientific community. However, no similar consensus has been reached on ideas about the ultimate origin Cosmic redshift the universe.

This remains an area of active research and some of idea current ideas are discussed below.

What is the evidence for the Big Bang?

That said, BBT is nevertheless about origins -- the origin of matter, the origin of the elements, the origin of large scale structure, the origin of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, etc.

All of this will be discussed in detail below. In addition to being a theory about the origins of the basic building blocks for the world we see today, BBT is also paradoxically one of the best known theories in the general public and one of the most misunderstood and, occasionally, misrepresented.

Given the nature of the subject matter, it is also frequently discussed with heavy religious overtones. Young Earth Creationists dismiss it as an "atheistic theory", dreamt up by scientists looking to deny the divine creation account from Genesis. Conversely, Old Earth Creationists as well as other Christians have latched onto BBT as proof of Genesis, claiming that the theory demonstrates that the universe had an origin and did not exist at some point in the distant past.

Finally, some atheists have argued that BBT rules out a creator for the universe. Detailed discussion of these religious arguments can be found in a number of other places e.

This FAQ will focus solely on the science: Here, we take a different approach: We begin by describing what BBT is not and correcting some common misconceptions about the theory.

Once that is done, then we talk about what the theory is and what assumptions are made when describing a physical theory about how the universe operates. With that framework in place, we move to an examination of what BBT predicts for our universe and how that matches up against what we see when we look at the sky.

The next step is to look at some of the most common objections to the theory as well disagreements between the theory and observations, which leads naturally into an examination of some of the alternative cosmological models.

We finish with two more speculative topics: The range in level of this material is very large -- from advanced texts for graduate courses and beyond to popularizations for laymen. Likewise, the quality of explanation in these resources can vary considerably.Cosmic red shift is a form of dopplers effect where an observed wavelength is longer than the actual wavelength.5/5(1).

Cosmology is the scientific study of the universe as a unified whole, from its earliest moments through its evolution to its ultimate fate. The currently accepted cosmological model is the big bang. In this picture, the expansion of the universe started in an intense The cosmological expansion. b) Hubble Diagram.

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The basic idea of an expanding universe is the notion that the distance between any two points increases over time. One of the consequences of this effect is that, as light travels through this expanding space, its wavelength is stretched as well.

Galaxy clusters are arranged in long filaments surrounding very large voids of space where there are almost no galaxies at all. These filaments create a Cosmic Web. The cosmic microwave background (CMB, CMBR) is electromagnetic radiation as a remnant from an early stage of the universe in Big Bang cosmology.

Cosmic redshift

In older literature, the CMB is also variously known as cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) or "relic radiation". The CMB is a faint cosmic background radiation filling all space that is an important source of data on the early universe.

Cosmic Redshift Due to Gravity with Variable Light Speed I attempt neither to confirm nor refute Ranzan’s theory, but cite it as a starting point from which to consider a purely gravitational cause (with or without aether) for the cosmic redshift without the constraint of a constant light speed.

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