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David thomas mind man

Music… Stacy Cervenka SC: I actually did get kissed by Bono. Greetings to you, the fabulous listener. Allow me to welcome you back. And yes, she was talking about that Bono, the activist rock star from the group U2.

If this is your first time here, welcome! Really, you should just stop right now and subscribe to the podcast. Born in James Holman a veteran of the British Royal Navy became blind at 25 years old after an illness. Soon after he studied medicine and literature and then became an adventurer, author and David thomas mind man observer who circumnavigated the globe.

Undertaking a series of solo journeys that were unprecedented visiting all inhabited continents. In this second in a series of three Holman Prize winners, Stacy Cervenka has the ambition of creating the Blind Travel Network — hoping to make travel more accessible to blind people, by blind people.

Ask and answer questions of other blind people and then also have feature blogs and video blogs and advice columns from seasoned blind travels maybe blind travel agents some travel agents who have worked with many blind people.

Blind cane travel instructors. So basically it could just be a website where people can learn about not only various places they can travel but also techniques they can use to navigate in airports or monitor their kids safely at a water park or navigate Disney World as a blind person.

In order to decide what cruise or what resort or what Disney hotel is right for you, you have to do a lot of research. Stacy has a significant amount of travel experience, both personal and work related. She became intrigued by politics during college after attending a NFB Seminar in Washington DC where she met with legislators to discuss blindness related issues.

She went on to intern with Senator Brownback from Kansas. When I graduated they had a job opening and I applied and ended up working there full time for 5 years.

They really care about what they do. As part of her job with the Senator, Stacy traveled to some interesting destinations. When I was there for a Congressional staff delegation we went to the demilitarized zone which is the border of North and South Korea. There are blue UN security sheds that straddle the border.

You were very aware. See, we all just gained some insight into traveling to north Korea as a blind person. Traveling can be something you do for a day with your kids in some ways. You go to a local amusement park or you go to a local hiking trail or a local state park.

A lot of the techniques that you would use to monitor your kids at a park or at an amusement park in your home town are the same ones that you would use at Disney World.

David thomas mind man

The tips and techniques go beyond managing children. If you were to say I like going to Broadway shows here is how I enjoy doing it as a blind person.

I can still probably use some of the techniques that you used or look at some of the resources that you looked at.

Stacy is planning to produce some of these techniques in the form of both written and video blogs. Right now when people write a review it is kind of like writing a review for Yelp. I do plan on having featured bloggers, featured video bloggers.

Probably going to choose about 5 or 6. Two or three blind people who travel a lot who have Different preferences, different ideas of what they like.

Traveling to an all-inclusive resort to lay on a beach where some prefer visiting amusement parks, camp grounds versus those who prefer actively participating in the culture of a city or foreign destination.

I want to have several bloggers to have a variety of different perspectives. Maybe some people who travel with long white canes.A blog & podcast from a Black man adjusting to being blind, featuring interviews & stories examining social implications of disability and life as a father and husband.

A defense of David Ferrie, suspect in the JFK probe of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, portrayed by Joe Pesci in Oliver Stone's movie, JFK: Jim Garrison investigation of conspiracy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Three Month Muscle Man has 11 ratings and 3 reviews. Mark said: I bought this for two bucks on Kindle; so I wasn't expecting much from it. I thought /5(3). During persuasive writing pieces authors try to make you see their point of view as valid.

Often times during this process, their writing is compromised by the errors they make to prove their point. David Thomas makes many errors in his essay "The Mind.

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The Three Month Muscle Man by Jon David Thomas