Equality versus equity

The article does this by evaluating a necessarily select number of cases dealing with equality that have come before the Constitutional Court to find out whether the Court has consistently adopted a substantive notion of equality in its deliberations, an approach encouraged by the equality clause itself.

Equality versus equity

They are taught to share and that everyone should get an equal turn in activities. We promote equal rights for everyone and state that all people are created equal. But is that really true?

Equality constitutional adjudication in South Africa (Chapter 14 Vol 2) [2014] AHRLJ 30

Should our efforts go toward equality or equity? And what is the difference?

Equality versus equity

The goal of equality is to make Equality versus equity that everyone has the same things to be successful. It is similar to equity in that it is seeking fairness for everyone, but it assumes that everyone starts equally as well. There is an illustration below, that has been done several times by others, by Angus Maquireof three people standing behind a fence at a baseball game.

The first panel shows three people of different heights standing on boxes. This represents equality since all have boxes at the same height. That is where equity comes in. Equity is trying to understand where people are coming from and give them what they need to be successful.

This means not necessarily giving everyone the exact same thing, but rather just what they need to live happily. The shortest person can enjoy the game like everyone else.

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This mentality is harder to grasp since initially it seems unfair. Since we are always working toward equality and making sure everyone gets the same thing, we have a harder time seeing fairness in equity and giving people unequal amounts to help everyone succeed.

And I think more people understand that we remain too far away at this point in time. We have to do better than we have. Check out our our sister organization at http: Differences and Why They Are Important Another way to look at it is the analogy of runners on a track.

The fair thing to do would be to have everyone start on the same starting line. Those in the inside lanes have shorter distances to run and those in the outside lanes have farther to go.

Equality versus equity

That is why tracks will stagger start lines so that each runner will end up running the same distance to finish the race. At the start, it looks unfair, but it evens out during the race. These are very simple analogies for this complex situation. People are born into different economic classes, have different personalities, talents and interests as well as different races, cultures and backgrounds.

All of these things play a role into the success of each person. In a recent article on Odyssey we get a glimpse of how equality and equity are played out in a classroom.

Now imagine a classroom of students with a writing test prompt in front of them. The instructions are printed on the first page of the exam, but while the majority of the class reads them, one student has a pair of headphones to listen to the instruction.Text Box 1: Definitions of equality and related terms.

The term 'Health and life expectation equality' refers to statistical equality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians in relation to life expectation and across a range of health indicators. Understanding the difference between equity and equality is a key component in the effort to reduce health disparities among vulnerable populations.

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Absolutely and fantastic! This kind of thoughtfulness is needed across data visualization, UX, coding and design of big data algorithms. where I consistently run into paucity of social science background and social justice analysis. Apr 08,  · Recent data shows that there is a 21% pay gap between female and male workers and a third of businesses have no women in senior management roles..

There's a . Applying an Equity Lens The Difference between Equality and Equity—Part 1. Many people incorrectly use equality and equity in their conversations by believing that these concepts have the same meaning.

Maternity and child rearing are the common milestone events at which most of the women are leaving. Long working hours, gender bias, workplace harassments, long commutation hours, and safety issues are the among the several reasons cited by women for leaving their jobs.

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