Mega and task environments

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Mega and task environments

WhatsApp In the previous article, we explored how corporate training is moving away from seat-time and toward competencies.

This larger picture here is not just a shift in how learning is measured, but an entire re-visioning of what effective training looks like. But standard models are quickly being swept out the door by training methods that take place not outside of the normal work environment, but right smack in the middle of it.

This has resulted in a new interest in microlearning, which is essentially any type of learning done in very short bursts. Digital learning environments, like MOOCs, can provide frameworks for a wide variety of microlearning activities.

What is microlearning and why should we use it Microlearning has become a bit of a buzzword lately in the training and development world, but it is one that is not well defined. The main reason for this is that microlearning is not one single thing.

Mega and task environments

In the context of training, microlearning often refers to short 10 minutes or less videos and tutorials, quick quizzes, and other features of standard courses, just compressed into a smaller package.

But it is much more than that—every time employees refer to a job aid, Google the answer to a question, or ask a colleague for advice, they are doing self-directed microlearning.

When we conceptualize microlearning in this way, we realize that much of workplace education takes place not in classes at all, but in the course of regular work activities. It brings learning to employees while they are performing their daily activities, rather than requiring them to leave their work environments.

This helps companies develop into learning organizations. Microlearning resources can be made available on-demand to facilitate just-in-time learning.

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Microlearning and mobile learning go hand in hand. People are using their mobile devices more and more in the workplace, for communication as well as for finding answers to questions. Knowledge is changing faster than ever before—a concept or process an employee learns today is likely to be obsolete a few months down the road.

Microlearning allows employees to immediately access the knowledge they need, rather than having to wait until the next designated training day. Microlearning is primarily a pull method: How do MOOCs facilitate microlearning? In a post last fall, I wrote that MOOCs have changed what learners expect from their educational experiences and that the technologies that support MOOCs can also support microlearning.

Now, as MOOCs have expanded, in both size and format i. Here are some of them: Short videos and other learning resources. This is the most popular form of microlearning and the one featured in most MOOCs. Five- to ten-minute videos can be used for everything from explaining a concept to providing the answers to frequently asked questions, running short software tutorials, and introducing new products.

Other microlearning resources, like job aids, documents, podcasts, and even short interactive elearning activities, can also be housed within a MOOC.It’s easy to understand why Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow is such a popular figure in Penang despite hailing from Kuala Lumpur.

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