The differences and similarities of high school and college life

Vancouver Oxford Hours spent at high school are not that precious. Their opinion is not too much valued.

The differences and similarities of high school and college life

What are the differences and similarities between high school and university? High school gives you an education in all subjects preparing youfor the university. The university is an education in a specificfield preparing you for a job. University is m…ore than learning to pass more exams, it can help tobroaden your general knowledge and outlook if you pick courseswhich draw from many disciplines like Arts for example orArchitecture or social science among others.

The coursework in university is much more demanding than thecoursework in high school, and is much more self-directed andself-motivated. College professors don't mind if you don't do yourhomework and fail their classes - that is a decision you get tomake.

They will expect you to come ask for help if you need it andtake control of your education. One difference between high school and college is the fact thathigh school is mandatory, while college isn't.

You also get adeeper understanding of courses in college. How is high school similar to college? Most people would say that high school and college are as different as chalk and cheese.

You attend classes and may have home work assigned in both, but college involves indep…endent living as well as an expectation of more independent and self-directed study habits. I ovbiously dont know at the moment Bigger, better, fast, stronger, smarter Hope that helps a little!

Differences between High School and College? Years ago, the main difference in course work between high school and college was the amount of work.

A high school student frequently took a class for two semesters and did n…ot finish a textbook. In one college course, a student in his freshman year could have some of the same material but would have a more difficult text book and would finish the entire book in the first semester with additional work besides.

So, it was the same stuff, only more. A goof off in high school became a flunk out in college.I wore a school uniform my whole school career, as I attended a private, elementary school with a class size of 12 until I left to an all-girls, college-preparatory, boarding school in Monterey, CA when I was 13 for my high school years.

Undergraduate students from the University of Birmingham discuss the main differences between school and university in terms of learning style and what is expected from you as a student.

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To conclude, the main differences between High School and College are the assignments, exams, and absences. The High School´s teachers teach the students the responsibility by making them to do their homework and monitoring their attendance and College students are expected to have it.

The differences and similarities of high school and college life

High school and college have organizations and clubs that a student can join that fits their interests, these organizations and clubs can make their college application or a resume look worthy. For these reasons, it is clear that college and high school have similarities in many ways.

Making the transition from a prep athlete to a collegiate athlete can be a tough change. It often involves more dedication to the sport and better time management among other subtle differences between high school and college athletics.

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