Tips on how you can get along with college roommates

Student Life Resources to Help You Find a College Roommate There are plenty of tools available to help you find a great college roommate - you just need to be aware of them!

Tips on how you can get along with college roommates

Reward and Habit Techniques 1 Use chaining Even at the height of my fitness habit, I had trouble working out on weekends. Early on, I would miss a Saturday workout and have to make it up on Sunday. What was going on?

Most of the time, habits are cued by something. The cue can be a time of day e. Take brushing your teeth as an example.

When you wake up, brushing your teeth is triggered by the time of day and the action of getting out of bed. All I need to do is go straight from work to the gym. In college I did the same thing, but with classes.

Bringing my workout clothes to class let me head straight for a workout after the last class of the day. The cues and chains you choose will be specific to your lifestyle, but chaining is one of the most powerful methods you can use to sidestep lack of motivation and form a fitness habit.

The carrot is better than the stick — but most people do it wrong. Those rewards come so far after the action!

Behaviorism, the field of psychology that studies rewards and their relationship to behavior, consistently shows that rewards only work if they actually happen with the action being rewarded.

Fifteen workouts is just too long to wait. So you decide to get a nice smoothie or buy yourself that game after a certain number of workouts — but you could also buy those things without working out at all.

I applied this principle using my love of grape juice. I love grape juice. But if I bought bottles of it I would guzzle the stuff constantly. Instead, I made a rule: When I finish, I literally do a shot of grape juice. You can find other creative ways to use reward. Is there a coffee shop near your gym that you love?

Can you pack a small piece of candy with your gym gear enough to motivate you but not enough to affect your diet? The ways to reward yourself are endless, and doing it right can keep you crazy motivated. So he focused on one thing: With a singular focus on not breaking it, it becomes much easier to motivate yourself to do something.

Make sure the calendar is large and very visible. You should be able to see the chain at all times. If you slip up, there will be no hiding it in the bottom desk drawer under a pile of tax documents from Blue checks represent working on this article they stop when I finished. Gold checks are flossing I missed a couple on a vacation, but now floss regularly.

Tips on how you can get along with college roommates

Purple checks are journal writing. The calendar kept me motivated.

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Esteemed strength coach Dan John has a less fancy way of saying that. And yes, there are some specific situations in which super intense workouts are beneficial. Those times are not on day 1.Aug 22,  · If you get a close friend out of it, that’s a bonus, but not all roommates turn into besties and that’s ok too.

Living pleasantly with your roommate and enjoying their company when you can is. Tips for Getting Along with a Roommate Simmering in resentment will only make it more difficult to get along.

Conversely, you can’t read your roommate’s mind. Getting Along with Your. In college, you are most likely going to have a roommate in which you will share a living space with.

Tips on how you can get along with college roommates

Having a roommate in college can be scary, you get paired with a stranger you don't know. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Transition Issues. 1. There is the stress of making a good adjustment because students believe their future depends upon their doing well. Did they make the right choice? DormDelicious provides dorm decor advice, decorating ideas, and organization tips.

Read about college dorm decorating projects, and get helpful tips from other students for turning your new place into a . How to Get Along With Your Roommate All Year By Meagan Templeton-Lynch • Campus Life August 22, at pm In college, some things are unavoidable: tuition, essays, bad .

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