Winston smith vs katniss everdeen essay

Winston Smith vs. Winston Smith lives in a world where even his thoughts are monitored by the Thought Police.

Winston smith vs katniss everdeen essay

He's 39 years old and works as a records editor in Records Department at the Ministry of Truth. He drinks and smokes this was written in the 's, mind youand has terrible coughing fits in the morning. Maybe he should lay off the cigs. Other "fun" facts about Winston: He hates group exercise, he has an itchy swollen ulcer on his leg grossand he likes to write.

If it sounds like we just described that one weird and kind-of-boring uncle of yours—hurray!

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That's exactly the point. Winston is supposed to be relatable—someone we can identify and sympathize with. Orwell made Winston such an average Joe to help us see ourselves—or someone we know—in his shoes, experiencing the future in all its mundane, oppressive brutality. This makes his journey all the more powerful, and his downfall all the more tragic.

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Unfortunately, the future isn't all that great. Rather than possessing bionic arms and super-senses, Winston is frail and thin. He wears blue overalls and eats gross-sounding synthetic foods like black breadbitter chocolateand fake saccharine.

We're not sure if we should be impressed or concerned that all three of these foods exist today. Winston is an Outer Party member, which is basically this story's version of a middle class. As a records editor at the Ministry of Truthhis job is to literally rewrite history, revising old newspaper articles so they're in line with the Party's current vision of the truth.

The original articles are tossed in an incinerator, never to be seen again. We wonder what the Party would be so worried about people learning that they'd go to this length to cover their tracks, but then again, freedom of the press isn't exactly the norm in a dystopian society.

He felt as though he were wandering in the forests of the sea bottomlost in a monstrous world where he himself was the monster. He was alone. The past was dead, the future was unimaginable. What certainty had he that a single human creature now living was on his side?

And what way of knowing that the dominion of the Party would not endure forever? More than anything, Winston seeks the unadulterated truth—and the only way to attain that is by rebelling against the totalitarian rule of the Party: Anything that hinted at corruption always filled him with a wild hope.Winston Smith.

BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis A Rebel By Any Other Name. Winston Smith is pretty much your average guy. He's 39 years old and works as a records editor in Records Department at the Ministry of Truth.

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He drinks and smokes (this was written in the 's, mind you), and has terrible coughing fits in the morning. Jan 28,  · Katniss Everdeen Is a Girl with Many Talents Winston Smith vs. Katniss Everdeen Essay and Katniss Everdeen Winston Smith, from George Orwell’s , is a thirty-nine year old man who lives in a society where everything is ruled by the government.

Winston Smith lives in a world where even his thoughts are monitored by the Thought Police.

Winston smith vs katniss everdeen essay

- The stories of both Winston Smith and Katniss Everdeen in and The Hunger Games follow the characters through their struggles set in a futuristic dystopian society.

In both of the novels, the governments of the societies have an iron grip on their citizens. A Comparison of by George Orwell and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins View Full Essay. More essays like this: george orwell, the hunger games, suzanne collins, katniss everdeen, , winston smith.

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Winston smith vs katniss everdeen essay

The main character, Katniss Everdeen, fights for survival within her district, district 12 the mining district, until she is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, a fight to the death contest in which she fights for survival in a whole new way.

takes place in Oceania, one of three megastates, consisting of. Character Analysis of Winston Smith. Character Analysis Of Winston Smith Winston is the main character in this novel and he seems to be separated from all of the other characters in the book by his thoughts. It is Winston’s uncommon character that we see unfolding as we read through the novel.

He seems to be the only one set apart.

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