Writing essay my future plan

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Writing essay my future plan

Posted by Tipu Sultan on Why have you adopted this plan? How are you preparing yourself according to this? What is your parents idea about your plan?

Do you have any future plan? If any, what is it? What do you like to study after your HSC Examination? What is your preparation to achieve your plan? Why do you choose this profession? How do you want to serve humanity? Describe-how you will work?

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What is your future plan of life? Do you find it difficult to materialise your plan? Without fixing a plan, no man can lead his life to gain success. No wonder, I have also my future plan of life.

There are lots of professions in human life. Life is led through working on different jobs and business. Choice of business makes someone determined to gain his establishment. But a man should decide his plan first. I have decided to study medical science to be a doctor. I have a very earnest desire to cut a good figure in all the exams while studying the medical course.

I choose the profession of being a doctor because I feel a severe scarcity of doctors for the treatment of our, rural people. Whenever I go to my village and see the condition of very poor and helpless people who are suffering from malnutrition and other diseases. I feel that I should be a doctor to help such poor and helpless people.

I shall take no fee from the poor. If I can earn enough money, I shall set up a charitable dispensary for the treatment of the villagers.My Future Career Goals Essay Examples. 5 total results. My Motivation for Pursuing a Career in the Film Industry, My Personal Objectives and Career Goals.

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My Motiviation for Pursuing a Career in Filmmaking at the College of Motion Picture Arts. Essay Writing Blog;. One goal of mine while writing this paper is to show how interested I am about my future.

Another goal I do have is to teach the reader more information about a specific career path. Every individual has their own career plan, and possibly could be interested in the same career as me. The profession of a doctor in noble. He renders a valuable service to the suffering mankind.

He is the symbol of hope and joy. The face of a man suffering from . My long-term goals are my ultimate aspirations, the college I want to go to, my desired profession, etc.. I place a very high priority on these goals, because my success in the achievement of these goals will determine my happiness in the future.


writing essay my future plan

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Essay Writing About My Future Plan